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Submitted by monkey on Sun, 06/18/2006 - 1:34am.
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this will encourage nuclear power nations like iran to blow up the vatican , jerusalem , plus pakisthan will join in as well and to my amusement the americans supplys wepons to pakisthan and then try to find terrorist out there and not to forget that china and russia has nuke as well , american jews and muslims has been fighting for ages and who suffer the casualities both sides , waging war for crude oil and anti communism in vietnam didnt work , bring the boys back home , yes and not to forget india has nukes as well since the mid 60s.we have suffered lots of death in the ww2 in germany to the least i dont encourage our ass licking politicians so to send our troops to iraq and afganistan , rest the americans along with the english can send their kamikzes or sacrificial scapegoats at war as it has been so and the australians should withdraw their troops as well . As a human beings it will be better so to find out a civilized solution , but not civilian casualities , a bunch of inexperienced goons and kids posing around to be a warriors will return back home sick in their head or maimed or some will come back in a coffin , after hearing the comments of the local public in america i am disguisted they ought to go and sit in a kindergarden so to reform the grown up infants , or should be taken as troops so to serve their nation are these cowards babblers willing to do so if they are such an patriot , the monkey with the microphone should have asked them to join the real combat , with snipers and IED explosives scattered all around then they will realise what is it to eat lard drink beer and eat popcorn while watching a television on american soil and what is it for real being in a unpredictable combat situation ,, IMMATURE as ever some in the mass and majority will ever be so and pitfall of their own nations as well . wake up all of you and dont support any political parties , they cheat on you all , Make peace not War , enough is enough .

Posted on Fri, 01/11/2008 - 2:00pm by Anonymous

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