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DUI Charge Dropped Against Officer Who Killed 1 & Injured 2 | whoisthemonkey.com
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Indianapolis officer David Bisard had his felony DUI charges dropped that left 1 dead and 2 critically injured. Investigators say Bisard's blood alcohol level tested at more than double the legal limit 2 hours after the crash.

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Submitted by monkey on Mon, 08/23/2010 - 2:43am.
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1 killed. 2 critically injured. And he was "suspended without pay"? Your kidding me right??? Your & I would be in PRISON right now - and this is FAR from the first time...


Probably Never... because "we the people" don't demand that it do so.

Posted on Mon, 08/30/2010 - 11:22pm by Anonymous (not verified)

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